Family sessions are the reason I became a professional photographer. As a mother of two young children, Finn and Shea, I try to capture the moments I would want as a parent of my children and of my family. I like to keep it wild and fun, lightly structured and create a gallery that will tell the story of your family at this point and time in your lives. Meltdowns, tantrums and dogs not cooperating are absolutely perfect and welcome.

Parenthood is hard and childhood is beautiful. Capturing the joy, the chaos and the beauty in all of its ways is what I'm looking for and what I strive to share with you. Like a semi-bossy fly on the wall of your beautiful life.

Sometimes, you forget just how incredible these tiny moments are. My dream for you is to have those moments forever, blow them up and slap them on your walls, put them in your wallet (cellphone wallpaper) and most importantly, to remember them always because sometimes, we forget.

la vie est belle